New DVD Release! Animation Masterclass - Animating with Maya for Games and More

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Hi Everyone! As promised we are releasing yet another high quality DVD. An often requested topic has been animation and we found an amazing instructor who you will love. Check out the video sample and get ready to learn how to do some amazing animating! Keep your eyes out for even more new releases in the coming weeks. Smiling

More information on the product page here:

In this DVD, Instructor Joe Mandia gives a deep foundation to the complexities of animation using Maya 2012 with a focus on video games. Although the focus is on games, the instruction is great for any animator. Topics include Maya shortcuts, ui setup, 12 principles overview, timing, spacing, arcs, overlap, anticipation, squash and stretch, slow ins and outs, staging, secondary action, straight ahead vs pose to pose, and finally refining and polishing a final animation. 

With over 8 hours of content, this DVD is perfect for those who want a solid foundation on animating in Maya. 


About the Instructor:

Joe Mandia has been animating for over 15 years and has worked with many amazing companies like Walt Disney, Digital Domain, Blue Sky, Nvidia, Sony Pictures, Sony Imageworks, Sony Online, and even an instructor at Animation Mentor. During those years he have worked on projects such as Open Season, Ice Age, Chicken Little, DC Universe Online, and man more. Joe is currently an animator in New Hartford, NY working on many unannounced contract projects.


Sevosane (not verified)

September 13, 2012 - 4:22pm

As usual here I am asking, where is the 3ds max Animation Masterclass? COME ON guys. The last big deal was a MAYA motionbuilder deal. All of your videos for 3ds max has done a great job of showing how to use 3ds max, how to build the characters, and how to skin them, and how to create detailed models in mudbox, but other than the 3ds CAT video, which does NOT go into any detail about animation at all, we have nothing like this. Please, Please, build a masterclass on, ok, the model is built, and detailed, now here is a masterclass on rigging, and here is a seperate masterclass on animation (just like this animation masterclass for maya). And while I'm on it, while your motionbuilder video "could" be re-interpreted by ourselves using 3ds max, why not just make one showing how to do it with 3ds max instead of me trying to figure out how to do the equivalent of what I'm seeing you do in Maya.

So, a breakdown would be:

1. Rigging masterclass for 3ds max for one of these detailed models you showed us how to build.
2. Animation masterclass for 3ds max for animating that wonderful RIG you just showed us how to do.
3. Motionbuilder masterclass for 3ds max for integration for that wonderful RIG we've just wonderfully animated.

Not only would I give you absolute first dibs for naming rights on any first unborn sons, daughters, cats, dogs, or sheep, but more importantly, I would give you money. Money guys. Loads of money. With pinky finger drawn to mouth, A Kabahzillion Dollars worth of money.


messaoud messahel (not verified)

September 13, 2012 - 12:51pm

nice work thanks